For Women Starting Their First Virtual Business

The Shine Online Digital Diva Concierge Program

Fast-track your success and get your virtual business up and running, now!


Do you relate to any of these common fears about starting your virtual business?

You crave the freedom and flexibility that a virtual business will give you but figuring out how to get it up and running is making you feel like it's going to take FOREVER

  • You're not a marketing expert so figuring out how to package and sell your ideas leaves you feeling stuck. 
  • You're afraid that "you don't know what you don't know" and are worried you'll leave out something important that will block your success
  • You hate anything "techy" and have zero desire to spend hours creating all the opt-in pages, auto-responders, sales pages, check out pages, and email broadcasts that you'll need to build your online business. 
  • You just want to get your virtual business up and running so you can focus on just doing your "thing" and share it with the world. 
  • You know that time is money and the longer you spend learning how to build your virtual business is time that could be spent selling your virtual products.
  • You're afraid you'll never get your online business up and running in the first place because the process seems so complicated and time-consuming.  

Forget wasting time learning HOW to set up an online business, let Megan and her team do it for you instead!

Get your online business up and running quickly and easily so that you can focus on simply sharing your gifts with the world and living your best life... now!

Proven Track Record Of Success

Let Megan apply her 20+ years of marketing and sales expertise to building YOUR virtual business. 

From strategy to copywriting, Megan will work her 'marketing magic' on your virtual business. 

Get Up And Running FAST

Megan and her team have created hundreds of sales funnels, opt-in pages, freebies, and email campaigns for multiple products over the past 20 years.

They know exactly what to do to set your online business up for maximum success from day 1. 

Step Into The Spotlight

Let Megan and her team give you the spotlight you deserve. Often times being too close to your own gifts, or even imposter syndrome, can hold you back from sharing your gifts LOUD and PROUD. 

Let Megan and her team do it for you and let's get your gifts out in the world where they deserve to be.  

The plan

Your Idea + Megan's Expertise = Your Fabulous New Virtual Business

Step 1

Apply to see if it's a good fit to work together.

Step 2

Schedule a no-obligation 30-minute call to discuss your online business. Get a full, detailed plan for exactly how we'll build your new virtual business start to finish.

Step 3

We'll work together to create the virtual business of your dreams so you can start sharing your gifts and living your best life, now!

Nothing Succeeds Like Success...

Megan round

There are a lot of so-called "experts" out there, especially in the digital world, who simply regurgitate information from books and courses without any track record of doing for themselves what they claim they can do for you. 

Megan has a proven 20+ year track record of success, with online and off-line businesses. Megan has not only succeeded in her own businesses, but she's helped hundreds of others start & grow their businesses as well. 

This is where you can write a bit more. Think of this as your "elevator pitch" or "sales letter". As always, make it clear and tie it back to your customer's success.

Forget the learning curve & headaches.

Let Megan and her team get the online business of your dreams up and running, now!

To find out if The Shine Online Digital Diva Concierge Program is for you, apply now.