One Size Does NOT Fit All


“Do your best with what you have, and let that be good enough for now. Allow yourself some grace that you’re doing something new and will learn and grow and develop over time.” - Megan

Even though I encourage the women I coach to keep their digital products simple, especially at first, I don’t believe that any one format is better than another. What’s simple for one woman may be a creation nightmare for another.

  • If you prefer to write, stick to written content like e-books, guides, and workbooks.

  • If you’re a talker but hate being on video, focus on audio-based products.

  • If it would be easiest for you to simply show someone how to do something on video rather than trying to explain it in written form, stick with video.

You should start with whatever will be the simplest and easiest product creation method for you. As you develop your digital product creation skills and confidence, you can always expand into different formats. Start with where you are right now and with what you have. Don’t worry about what someone else is doing. It’s your business.

Remember, simple digital products can be made with simple tools.

  • PDF files can be made in a program like Word or Google Docs.

  • Canva is an incredible design resource for creating digital products, especially tools like checklists, planners, and workbooks. No design experience needed!

  • You can use your computer, cell phone camera, or tablet to create simple audio recordings or videos.

You do not need to wait to invest in expensive, high-end gear in order to make simple digital products. The longer you wait to create your simple digital products, the longer you’ll wait to generate revenue from those products and make a positive impact in your life and the lives of your customers.

Truly, content is much more important than production value. Of course, you want it to look professional but content – what you share – is always the priority. When you provide a solution or share your gifts with others, that is the value your customers want. 

That being said, I believe in always giving 110%, but there’s a difference between striving for excellence and doing your best with where you are and what you have versus waiting to be “ready” or “perfect” before you create anything at all.

Do your best with what you have, and let that be good enough for now. Allow yourself some grace that you’re doing something new and will learn and grow and develop over time.

Think about a favorite podcast or YouTube channel. If you compare the pilot episode to an episode from a few years later, you’re likely to see a big difference. Your beloved host has likely improved in their skills, their delivery, and their production value over time.

That’s how it works. Practice makes perfect. You will not be perfect to start.

Few people are…

Creating digital products is a skill that can be learned and developed over time, but you have to start before you can improve.

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